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Circuito Ibiza Marathon
Ajuntament Santa Eularia

New start line in Ibiza

The second edition of the race will start in the seafront promenade of Ibiza Port, in the Vila area. Hundreds of runners will start the #RunAndFeel experience of Ibiza Marathon overlooking the Marina of Ibiza and the castle of Dalt Vila. The marathon will start at 3:30 p.m.

Es Puig de Missa

Natural shady areas in Camí Vell de Sant Mateo

At kilometre 9, when runners leave the town of Puig d’En Valls, the route takes them along Camí Vell de Sant Mateo. They will have to pay special attention to their legs from kilometres 12 to 13 and 16 to 18, since these are the steepest sections of the race course. Therefore, they should save some energy and their strength for them. In addition, the stunning views in this section of the Ibiza Marathon will motivate runners through the first half of the race.

Dalt vila

Santa Gertrudis in the half marathon

The race continues through the most typical area and it reaches one the most popular spots in Ibiza: Santa Gertrudis, with its white houses and pedestrian streets. It is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the Magical Island. Runners will run through the area at the half-marathon distance. This is a key moment to measure forces and get ready to face the second half of the race devoting all their energies and being aware of their physical performance.

Puerto deportivo Ibiza

The slope down to the finish line

At kilometre 22, runners are at the highest point of the race and they start to descend gently to sea level. They will run through breathtaking landscapes and they will be surrounded by pine trees as they feel the island and its charms. Now they are back in the rural area of the island, with more shady areas and sections where they will discover its true essence. It will be important for them to pay attention to their legs again since theymight feel tired at kilometre 30.

Can Na Negreta

Puig d’en Missa and Santa Eulària in the final section

Runners will go through Puig d’en Missa at kilometre 30, which is one of the iconic places in the island. Then they will enter Santa Eulària des Riu and run through its main streets as the locals cheer on them and give them support so that they are motivated to face the last section of the race. That way they will have the strength to overcome ‘the wall’.

Es Canar

Platja d’Es Canar

This is a fast section overlooking the sea in many locations, which is intended to give the final push to the runner. At kilometre 35, the circuit will take runners to very special locations and it will be much faster so that they can keep pace. The atmosphere will be electric. Only a few metres away from the sea, runners will be able to feel the breeze as they pass Platja d’Es Canar. +Info.

Punta Arabí

Punta Arabí as the highlight of the race

The final kilometres of the race will be located in Punta Arabí. After running along Platja d’Es Canar, participants will keep on running with the sea as a spectacular backdrop in such a wonderful and significant location as Punta Arabí. They will take a final glance at the Mediterranean sea before they face the final stretch, which is when they come closer to the 40th kilometre of this fantastic marathon.+ Info.

Platja Santa Eulària

A magical finish line in Platja de Santa Eulària des Riu

They will be able to see the finish line when they get to the final kilometres of the race as they run along the seafront promenade of Santa Eulària. Spectators at the port and the beach of Santa Eulària des Riu will show their support as runners admire the stunning scenery that will surround them as they finish the Ibiza Marathon. They will also be able to go to the beach once they crossed the finish line and recharge their batteries. Run and Feel. +Info.