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The 2023 season kicks off! Madrid has hosted “Ibiza Destino Deportivo”: official presentation of the season of sporting events and it has done so within the framework of FITUR. The island of Ibiza is much more than traditional tourism. Year after year, it is gaining weight as a sports destination, and the Consell de Ibiza wanted to give good proof of this by bringing together a cast of top-level sportsmen and women who have served as ambassadors for the different sporting events.

The Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon was one of the main attractions of the event. The event’s ambassador, Dani Mateo, and with Mónica Carrillo as the master of ceremonies, the attendees were able to learn the most important information about the 6th edition.

To close the event, the president of the Consell, Vicent Marí, said: “If there is one thing Ibiza has, it is that it is a paradise for the practice of any outdoor sport. Located just a few hours away from the main European cities, it offers its visitors a high quality hotel accommodation, modern and functional sports facilities, and a first class organisational capacity”.