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The 6th edition of the Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon will be held on April  1, 2023 and the organisers want to accompany the participants on their way to the finish line. For this reason, the training plans drawn up by coach Julián Alonso for the marathon distance and adapted to different objectives are now available.

The marathon is a demanding challenge that requires adequate preparation in order to prevent injuries and arrive at the big event in perfect condition. Hence the firm commitment of the race team to provide runners with good training.

Personalised training plans

Kinesiologist and trainer Julián Alonso has drawn up the official training plans for the Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon. The Argentinean, who currently lives in Iten (Kenya), already knows what it is like to live the #RunAndFeel experience in this long-distance race. In addition, he knows perfectly well the effort and dedication that must be put into training, and he is aware of how important it is for a runner to reach his goal.

For this reason, he has joined the Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon team with the aim of motivating, helping and accompanying athletes through courses, consultations, strengthening classes and personalised training plans, which he offers online. This has allowed him to help and meet hundreds of runners from different parts of the world, from recreational and beginners to olympic athletes and world champions.